Maldives Kandima Resort                                                    

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Welcome to a place where (almost) everything is possible and boredom simply does not exist! Even the public areas and spaces around the resort invite people to meet, interact and socialise, or simply unwind.

Kandima Maldives is located in Dhaalu Atoll. Discover a large natural lagoon and lush tropical island surroundings that will simply take your breath away.

The island is just a 30-minute flight from Male’ International Airport to the domestic airport in Dhaalu Atoll followed by a 20-minute boat ride to the island where we will take care of everything.

In NEW Maldives, FORGET NORMAL, the mundane.
Out with the everyday, the expected. Kandima Maldives is much more than just a holiday, it’s a lifestyle!
Experience the NEW Maldives - a new type of (desti)nation with extraordinary restaurants and bars and plenty of on-site activities and events to choose from. This gamechanging resort is anything but ordinary!

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