Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS)


Be among the first to experience Asia's 1st Animation Theme Park and get ready for your dream experience
at MAPS! 
Choose from among 6 themed zones, 15 thrilling rides, 23 interactive attractions & many more!


Enjoy live musical adventures with the Smurfs

See the blues but not feel the blues at the Smurf’s Clubhouse! 
Visit them in their mushroom houses and be ready for a bunch of Smurfs with their many different attitudes.


Bump off with the Adventurers Bumper Blast

Go hurtling off and have a fun time crashing into each other!
Experience a banging good time on our action-filled bumper cars.
Test your driving skill and dodge as many cars as you can as you make your way around!


Join the Croods on a whimsical adventure through a beautiful pre-historic landscape on The Croods Crazy Chase


If you think cavemen are loud, wait until you experience the Croods Crazy Chase at MAPS!
Scream yourself into the next century with its thrilling twists and turns!




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