Welcome aboard the Star Pisces!


If you are looking for a short getaway, Star Pisces is for you!

Its 12 Storeys of activities and relaxation will definitely grant you that refreshing break you deserve. 

Star Pisces



Ship Fact:

 Gross Tonnage : 40,053grt
 Length : 177m/579ft
 Width : 29m/95ft
 Average Cruising Speed (knots) : 18kn
 Maximum Cruising Speed (knots) : 21kn
Number of Stabilizers : 2
Bow & Stern Thrusters : 2
Full Satellite Navigation System : 2
Number of Cabins : 590
Passenger Capacity (based on lower berths)




Wine & Dine:

Our chefs cook to please your every dining fancy!

You will find dining onboard the Star Pisces a whole new gastronomical experience as our chefs dish out their specialities to impress you.



Sports & Fitness: 

There is no better time to catch up on your workout than while you are on board the Star Pisces. Our facilities at the Fitness Centre will help you keep healthy and active throughout.

Or, if you prefer, simply bask in the sun by the pool or visit the Health Club for a more relaxing experience.




Other Facilities:

Star Pisces is equipped with facilities for all types of travellers.

There are shops, recreation centres and many more to cater to varying needs.