Japan Tour Packages

Japan is filled with beauty no matter where you go. Japan is a modern place that is enriched with traditions and culture up till today and you can get to visit their original castles that the people used back in the days. Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of Japan through visiting their famous gardens or even have a look at their well known Cherry Blossom Trees! Japan is truly a unique and magnificent place that is filled with many amazing things ranging from mountains, to temples, to even food as well. Start travelling to Japan now!


Japan Group Departures

8D6N White Lover of Hokkaido

 8D6N White Lover of Hokkaido

6D4N Fun Okinawa

 6D4N Fun Okinawa

 7D5N Colourful of Hokkaido


Japan Mini Tour - Minimum from 02 to Travel / Daily Departure (Land Only)

No matter which season you want to go, there will always be something special. We will find something for you and you enjoy the process to close them!”

6D5N Tokyo Osaka Go Easy Mini Tour     5D4N Easy Pace Osaka Mini Tour     6D5N Go Kyushu Mini Tour

6D5N Tokyo & Osaka Go Easy Mini Tour

Fr: $2,358


5D4N Easy Pace Osaka Mini Tour

Fr: $1,918


6D5N Go Kyushu Mini Tour

Fr: $2,918


5D4N Japan Highlights Mini Tour     6D5N Hokkaido Eastern Mini Tour     6D5N Southern Hokkaido Mini Tour

5D4N Japan Highlights Mini Tour

Fr: $1,898


6D5N Hokkaido Eastern Tour Mini Tour

Fr: $2,508


6D5N Southern Hokkaido Mini Tour

Fr: $2,408


7D6N Wakayama & Mt. Fuji     5D4N Okinawa Mini Tour     3D2N Gassan Pole Pole Resort

7D6N Wakayama & Mt. Fuji Mini Tour

Fr: $3,138


5D4N Okinawa Mini Tour

Fr: $1,648


3D2N Gassan Pole Pole Resort 

Fr: $968

For enquiries on Japan Mini Tours, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GV4-To-Departure Tour
5D4N Hokkaido with Furano

5D4N Hokkaido with Furano

Land Fr: $888

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