Philippines Tours

Philippines is one of the favorite retirement destinations for people due to its warm climate, beautiful beaches and low cost of living. Having one of the world's best beaches in one of the many small islands in this country makes Philippines an ideal destination if you're looking for somewhere to relax and have fun! Travel to Philippines with WTS Travel today!


Tour (Min 2-To-Go)

4D3N The Beauty of Boracay Island 4 Mar 2019 V2
 4D3N The Beauty of Boracay Island, $100 Discount OFF
4D3N Palawan Puerto Princesa Tour 4 Mar 2019

 4D3N Palawan Puerto Princesa Tour, $100 Discount OFF

4D3N Amazing Cebu Bhol island tour 4 Mar 2019

 4D3N Amazing Cebu-Bohol Island Tour, $100 Discount OFF

4D3N Awesome Cebu 4 Mar 2019

 4D3N Awesome Cebu, $100 Discount OFF


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